Thank you all for your submissions!
Please, join us Friday, April 15 at 3pm for a gallery reception and awards ceremony.

Submitted artworks will be on exhibit from 10am Friday morning. Come vote for your favorite in the People’s Choice Award voting!

This coming April, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences will host the second annual Washington University Research as Art exhibition. Open to all currently affiliated Physics and EPS undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty, this event aims to showcase the creative side of scientific research on campus.

Submissions can be any form of research related art (e.g., photos from field research or field trips, computer models, graphs and maps, microscope or telescope photos). Each submission must include a short statement of why you have chosen this image, why is it important to your work, and what the artwork represents. Be creative! Remember that these statements should be directed towards a general audience.

All submitted works will be displayed, for one day, in the
Ginsburg Atrium of Scott Rudolph Hall on Friday, April 15th 2016, culminating in a gallery reception at 3pm.

This year, we will present awards to one winner in each of these
six categories:
  • Best Student Entry: Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • Best Faculty/Staff Entry: Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • Best Student Entry: Physics
  • Best Faculty/Staff Entry: Physics
  • People's Choice Award
  • Storyteller Award — the submission that is easily understood without the explanatory statement, i.e. the entry that "speaks for itself"
Some general guidelines:

1) All entries should relate to recent or ongoing science research projects, but may have been completed before entrant’s time at WashU.

2) Each entrant may submit up to
TWO works for judging. All digital images will be printed to enable display during the Gallery Showing. Do not submit any work you would not be permitted or willing to display in a public area.

3) The maximum size of entry is 16”x20”. Printed submissions will be displayed in mat boards of standard photo sizes. If possible, please format your image to standard photo dimensions (e.g., 5x7, 8x10, 8.5x11, 9x12, 10x13, 11x14, etc.). Entries that do not fit these dimensions will still be accepted and displayed.

4) We may be able to display models/sculptures (please enquire!). Unfortunately, we are unable to support video submissions.

5) The use of copyrighted material is not permitted unless express written consent of the copyright owner is provided.

6) Printed submissions may be selected for display in Rudolph Hall, Compton Hall, or Crow Hall.

7) Evaluation of entries will proceed based on their visual impact and intrinsic beauty, as deemed by the subjective opinions of the judging panel. All selections made by judges are final.

8) No entrant may receive more than one award.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Good luck!

Please contact Amanda Bender with any comments or questions.